Legendary artist Andy Fish will illustratate The Skeptic, his second collaboration with Steve Altes following their success with Geeks & Greeks. You could say that Andy wrote the book on graphic novels... because he has. Andy is the author and artist of five "how to" illustration books, including the classic text How To Draw Graphic Novel Style and How to Draw Supernatural Beings.  How perfect is that?


In the monster genre he's the author and artist of:
Dracula's Army: The Dead Travel Fast and
Werewolves of Wisconsin and Other American Myths, Monsters and Ghosts

Andy Fish

When it comes to monsters, Andy Fish means business

Andy studied at the School of Visual Arts and the Rhode Island School of Design.  If you'll indulge a little name-dropping, Andy trained under legendary comic creators Jack Kirby and Will Eisner and his client list includes work for celebrities like Stan Lee and Adam West.


His paintings, which mix his love of all things pop culture have been displayed in art galleries all around the world. He even has a painting in the collection of the National Gallery in Washington, DC.


In addition, Andy is an adjunct professor of art instruction at the Massachusetts College of Art and at the lead faculty member for the graphic novel illustration program at Emerson College in Boston.


Andy's vibrant, kinetic style is informed by a strong pop sensibility and artfully employs the use of super-saturated colors to make panels vividly come to life.


To see more of his mad skillz, take a gander at


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Andy at work in his studio

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