Veronica Fish will be the colorist on The Skeptic, just like she was on Geeks & Greeks.

Veronica is very active in comics and graphic novels and has been the artist and/or colorist on projects like Pirates of Mars, The Wendy Project, Sherlock Holmes: The Southhampton Horror, Frankenstein 1921, and How to Draw Superheroes.


Archie Comics tapped Veronica to draw issues 5 through 10 of their Archie reboot. Veronica also did the concept art for the CW television network's adaptation of Archie called "Riverdale."


Her paintings have been shown in galleries around the world and she's done everything from character design to storyboarding for film and TV, from apparel design to brand development.

Her clients include Wired magazine, Girl Scouts of America, LEGO, Quarto Publishing, Seltzer Goods, Monsa Publishing, Conde Nast, Mowgli Surfwear, Norman Rockwell Museum, Worcester Art Museum, and New Republic magazine.

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Veronica Fish

Veronica Fish, creator of beautiful things

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