What people are saying about The Skeptic

The script for The Skeptic has been read by several people in the entertainment community and the verdict is extremely positive.


"I thought your previous script [Geeks & Greeks] was funny and interesting, but this one is funny and more interesting.  It has depth, but never loses the storyline or the reader’s interest.  It’s well put-together – has 'the click of a well-made box,' as David Foster Wallace put it.  I certainly can’t come up with any other way to do a story about a guy who suddenly starts seeing Bigfoot, UFOs, Nessie, etc.  Not only did you make good on your premise, I think you came up with something that brushes up against profundity.  Not all that common in a graphic novel."

- Joe Kelleher, writer


"This is a really interesting concept and I definitely like the idea of an ultimate skeptic who embraces the unbelievable."

- Tia Maggini, Story Editor, Red Wagon Entertainment


"Although this starts in the genre world, it doesn't end up there. Ultimately this is a love story, and along the way an examination of madness.  It is an 'X-Files' type love story, where the world's biggest skeptic confronts the world's most legendary mythologies."

- Greg Feldman, producer, Etosha Entertainment


"The dialogue is very intelligent.  The irony inherent in the premise is very funny and the author has written some excellent one-liners.  The writing, especially the dialogue, puts the writer in the professional-level category.  This could be a contest winner."

- Coverage report, Fade In Awards screenplay competition

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