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Humorous keynote speeches

My speeches are tailored to your audience, packed with humor targeted at your particular industry. Unlike other speakers, I don't rely on canned, off-the-shelf material. Everything I deliver is custom-written for your event.

I could tell you my speeches are funny, but it's more credible if someone else does. Take it away, copious testimonials:

Rave reviews

"Steve is the funniest geek I've ever had the pleasure of working with."

Ryan Daffron

Daffron & Associates


"You probably heard me chortling away in the back of the room. I truly enjoyed your keynote address. Very few things can engage my brain and my funny bone before my first cup of coffee, but you did both of those things without breaking a sweat. I also admire your extraordinarily smooth delivery. Do you wake up at 4:00 a.m. to practice or are you just naturally that silver-tongued? You've set the bar very high for other technology-oriented comedians, who, I dare say, should think twice about entering the field if they intend to compete with you!"

Adele Sommers, Ph.D.

President, Business Performance, Inc.

"Steve worked great with the audience. He talked to them and not at them. Instead of just a presentation, it was an interactive hour where he was full of enthusiasm and the audience could feel it. He customized his presentation so he could better relate to our audience, which was wonderful. Our technicians especially enjoyed his humor during the warm-up when he was testing the audio/visual equipment."

Kathy Smith

Daffron & Associates

"You were easily among the top three funniest rocket scientists-turned-humorists I've hired this year. Just kidding. Seriously, Steve, everyone really enjoyed your session. We were all impressed with the amount of time and effort you put into understanding our audience and connecting their issues with your humor. And it showed -- you hit the mark and got our conference off to a great start!"

Gary Sprague

President, Focus Learning Corporation

"Steve was very, very funny! Steve's comedy is relevant to today's high-tech office and Internet-speak. It is 'now' comedy."

Tim Gillis

First Energy Corporation

"You kept me laughing for an hour and fifteen minutes."

Joe Erikat

Focus Learning Corporation


"Steve's presentation was hilarious. He clearly did his homework. He managed to get everyone laughing and placed them in a very relaxed environment which set the tone for the rest of our conference. Steve went the extra mile by attending our reception to converse with our members who found him to be very friendly and engaging. He also went to our Beach Luau and had everyone in stitches when he got on stage to hula dance with the Polynesian dancers. Steve deserves my highest recommendation!"

Bruce Honer

President, California College and University Loan Administrators Association

"Steve was great! He was inspiring, motivating, and funny! I laughed until I cried!"

Doris Lynch

Director of Student Business Services

Chapman University

"Thank you for getting us on our toes for our first morning of the conference. With a tough crowd of individuals, you found a way to find our sense of humor and get us all laughing the entire hour. Thank you!"

Bobbi Jo Price

Associate Vice President, Williams & Fudge

"Steve's keynote speech was hilarious. We didn't want him to get off the stage."

Kate Collins

Vice President, Jones Lang LaSalle


"Steve is absolutely first-rate. He is funny, witty, and smart. A real plus for any conference whether he is giving a keynote or moderating a panel. On top of that, Steve really knows how to connect with his audience. He has my highest recommendation."

Lou Alexander

Director, Alumni Education, MIT

"Many commencement speakers with nationally-renowned names put the audience to sleep. On the contrary, Steve's humor and warmth seemed to connect with the entire range of the diverse student body. In fact, many students took a detour on stage on the way to accept their diploma to tell him his talk touched them in some way. His humor, charisma, and professionalism made the event the best commencement we have had during my tenure. ECC has received a tremendous amount of press from Steve's speech. He truly made our commencement memorable."

Thomas Quatroche

Assistant to the President

Erie Community College

"Through networking with attendees of the conference, you were able to bring in a personal touch and relate to the audience better than any speaker that I have seen in a long time."

Chris Ruh

Vice President, Williams & Fudge

"The feedback we've received on our nanotechnology conference has been very positive. Rarely have we had a moderator who was as prepared, polished, and well-spoken as you were."

Joseph Hadzima

Chairman, MIT Enterprise Forum

"It was obvious that Steve did his research on our group."

Nancy McKean

Valley Emergency Communications Center

"I really enjoyed how you were able to relate your personal experiences to our topic of learning at the conference."

Jack Frost

Constellation Energy Group

"Great attitude and a good kickoff speaker. He was a hit with the audience."

Dianne Moore

Focus Learning Corporation

"You made our Alternative Career Forum a success. Your thoughtful comments helped our students gain a better understanding of the range of things that can be done with an engineering degree."

Wendy Cheng

Career Forum Director, MIT

Other speakers may claim they are knee-slappingly funny, but do they have photographic proof like this?

My speeches can include a custom-designed multimedia presentation, specifically tailored to your organization. Wowza!

You've never seen an icebreaker like this before.

Nothing says "hilarity is about to ensue" like my navy blue corporate suit.

If I can make "military applications of nanotechnology" funny, just think what I can do with your laugh riot of an industry.

Strange hand gestures included at no extra cost!

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