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Steve Altes is the author of the comedic graphic novel Geeks & Greeks, set at MIT and inspired by MIT's culture of hacking and Steve's own experiences with hazing.


Known for his humorous essays, Steve's specialty is getting hired into unusual occupations and writing funny accounts of his misadventures. Some escapades he has written about include working as a hand model, a stand-in for Brad Pitt, a stunt man on Die Hard With A Vengeance, a bank robber at the FBI Academy, an aide to President-elect Bill Clinton, and applying to the CIA.


His humor essays have been published in dozens of magazines and newspapers, including the Boston Phoenix, Capital Style, Funny Times, the Los Angeles Times, Penthouse, P.O.V., Salon, The Christian Science Monitor, The Washington Post, and The Writer.


He is the author of two humor books, The Little Book of Bad Business Advice (St. Martin's, 1997) and If You Jam the Copier, Bolt (Andrews McMeel, 2001). His work also appears in the humor anthologies, May Contain Nuts: A Very Loose Canon of American Humor (HarperCollins, 2004) and Joke Express: Instant Delivery of 1,424 Funny Bits from the Best Comedians, (Andrews McMeel, 2006). He has been a commentator for National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" and a member of Us Weekly magazine's "Fashion Police" (ironic if you knew how he dressed). Steve's career as a humorist actually began in college when he began selling absurd letters to the editor to National Lampoon.


Steve holds three degrees from MIT: a bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering, a master's in Aerospace Engineering, and a master's in Technology and Policy. Steve's thesis on the U.S. space program was the only college thesis in history ever reviewed by The New York Review of Books. He was also a co-recipient of the National Medal of Technology, the nation's highest award for technological achievement, for his work on the Pegasus air-launched space booster.


He is married to Diana Jellinek and lives outside of Los Angeles. For more deets, visit



Legendary artist Andy Fish illustrated Geeks & Greeks. You could say that Andy wrote the book on graphic novels... because he has. Andy is the author and artist of five "how to" illustration books, including the classic text How To Draw Graphic Novel Style.


Andy studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. Andy trained under such legendary comic creators as Jack Kirby and Will Eisner. His current client list reads like a who's who of top businesses, as well as work for celebrities like Stan Lee and Adam West. He is the author and artist of seven graphic novels, including Dracula's Army: The Dead Travel Fast and Werewolves of Wisconsin.


His paintings, which mix his love of all things pop culture have been displayed in art galleries in Seattle, San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Worcester and London. He even has a painting in the collection of the National Gallery in Washington, DC.


In addition, Andy is an adjunct professor of art instruction at the Massachusetts College of Art and at the lead faculty member for the graphic novel illustration program at Emerson College in Boston.


Andy's vibrant, kinetic style is informed by a strong pop sensibility and artfully employs the use of super-saturated colors to make panels vividly come to life.


Andy lives near Boston, allowing him to visit the actual settings of this graphic novel making his drawings even more realistic.


To see more of his talents, take a gander at




Veronica Fish is an artist based in Worcester, Massachusetts.

She is very active in comics and graphic novels and has been the artist and/or colorist on projects like Pirates of Mars, The Wendy Project, Sherlock Holmes: The Southhampton Horror, Frankenstein 1921, and How to Draw Superheroes.


Archie Comics tapped her to draw issues 5 through 10 of their Archie reboot. Veronica also did the concept art for the CW television network's adaptation of Archie called "Riverdale."

Her paintings have been shown in galleries around the world. She's done everything from character design to storyboarding for film and TV, from apparel design to brand development.

Her clients include Wired magazine, Girl Scouts of America, LEGO, Quarto Publishing, Seltzer Goods, Monsa Publishing, Conde Nast, Mowgli Surfwear, Norman Rockwell Museum, Worcester Art Museum, and New Republic magazine.


Gaze lovingly upon her work at

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