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Illustrations from the graphic novel

A few pages from Geeks & Greeks.

Photos of the setting

The MIT campus is a visually striking environment, combining ultra-modern deconstructivist architecture with more traditional neoclassical buildings.

Videos about the culture

Pranks are to MIT what football is to Harvard.  Speaking of Harvard football, yes, MIT hacked that too.

Geeks & Greeks trailer

Geeks & Greeks in 60 seconds.

MIT's hacking culture

Dr. Deborah Douglas speaks about the importance of hacking in MIT's culture and identity.

Geeks & Greeks Kickstarter video

Where it all began.

Tetris on the Green Building

MIT students hack the lights on the Green Building, turning it into a giant Tetris game.

Hacking the big game
MIT pranksters gained national attention when they rigged a giant weather balloon to deploy mid-field at the Harvard-Yale football game.
Some famous MIT dome hacks
Skip to 2:04 for images of some of the more notorious MIT dome hacks, including the police car on the dome.

Graphic novel creation process:

from script to art

Watch incomparable artist Andy Fish transform mere words on a page into something much more entertaining.  See how an artist builds on a writer's ideas to make the final product even better.  Best viewed full screen (click the square in the lower right of the video toolbar).

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