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Review: Geeks & Greeks, 3.20.18

"… surprisingly lighthearted tale of college pranks… subplots give both the narrative and protagonist depth… an affectionate and entertaining glimpse at a renowned college’s offbeat campus life."

Review: Geeks & Greeks, 1.20.18

"With an eclectic cast of wonderfully imagined characters and a lively plot, they spin a superb yarn that will have readers rapidly turning their pages."


Quincy Quarries Star in New Graphic Novel, Dana Barbuto, 12.1.16

"The Quincy Quarries are hardly the pits in Hollywood's voyeuristic eyes. Scenes for the Boston-based films Gone Baby Gone and The Departed were shot there. Now the deep holes have a featured role in the new graphic novel Geeks & Greeks."

Graphic Novel Review: Geeks & Greeks, Martha Cornog, 9.15.16

"Amusing romp...  inventive dialog effectively juxtaposes outrageousness with hyperacademic geekery... colorful art intersperses near-realism with cartoonier drawings... great fun for college-age readers and adults."

Review: Geeks & Greeks, Johnny Hughes, 9.8.16

"Steve Altes writes with an easygoing style... There is a little bit of Ditko in... [Andy Fish's art] over the more obvious Warhol influences."

Animal House for the Tech Gen: Geeks & Greeks Graphic Novel Review, Remy Carreiro, 9.5.16

"Fresh, fun, and sometimes, wonderfully batshit insane... Geeks & Greeks is not like other graphic novels, with their cliché-laden dialogue and tired, recycled plotlines. Geeks aspires to grandeur and more often than not, achieves it."

Independent Comic Spotlight: Back to School 2016, Jeff Hill, 9.4.16

"This story, based on actual events, reminded me of a smarter updated version of Archie, which is always fun."

Preview: Geeks & Greeks, Brett Summers, 9.3.16

"Altes hopes Geeks & Greeks will appeal to techies of all stripes and anyone with a fondness for Boston. 'Geeks & Greeks is really a love letter to my adopted home of Boston,' he says."

Review Fix Exclusive: Steve Altes Talks Geeks & Greeks, Patrick Hickey, 8.25.16

"The best stories come from people who’ve had unusual adventures in highly-specific arenas. They bring an authenticity to the dialogue and the irrefutable confidence that comes from actual lived experience."

Good Will Hunting Meets Animal House, 8.25.16

"The only thing scarier than John Belushi from Animal House is John Belushi from Animal House with a 160 IQ."

KHTS-AM 1220 Interview, George Cummings, 8.18.16

George Cummings interviews Steve Altes.

Q&A with Geeks & Greeks Writer Steve Altes, Anthony Bench, 8.12.16

"Does Ursus Arctos defecate in a deciduous forest biome?  This thing has more Easter eggs than Augustus Gloop in a Cadbury factory!"

From John Lewis to Jughead, a Roundup of Graphic Novels, Richard Pachter, 8.11.16

"Autobiographical... with a funny, human story of struggle and redemption with believable characters in outrageous but plausible situations."

Talking Geeks & Greeks with Steve Altes & Andy Fish, Clay Ferno, 8.10.16

"There is more to Geeks & Greeks than pranks and hacks. You've got a bit of romance, lots of humor and lots of local Boston / MIT / Cambridge references."

Geeks & Greeks Review, Anthony Bench, 8.8.16

"Geeks & Greeks is an absolutely entertaining book that gives readers a look into the MIT hacking culture. It's a devilishly smart book with hilarious pop culture references blended with interesting scientific terminology that explodes into one amazing book."

From Aerospace Engineer to Life as a Spy

Santa Clarita Valley Business Journal, Jana Adkins, 8.1.16

"It's hard to tell where the truth ends and the humor begins with this Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate. It'd be easy to understand why a publisher might reject his work at first blush, deeming it couldn't possibly be true. So when Steve Altes of Santa Clarita set out to write about the grandiose pranks practiced by his college coeds and fraternity brothers in his latest book, Geeks & Greeks, he said he included 120 footnotes to explain the real-life events that inspired it."

Geeks & Greeks, Carl Doherty, 7.3.16

"Altes’ characters, given form by artist Andy Fish, are an eclectic and equally interesting bunch... it’s a compelling window into a world few of us will ever experience."

Geeks & Greeks: A Review

Blog, Gloria Chao, 6.5.16

"Steve’s sense of humor is wonderful and I laughed out loud on multiple occasions (and not just at the geeky jokes). I actually started laughing at the introduction, before I had even started the story. I was pleasantly surprised by the romance. I loved all the nerdy flirting between the protagonist and the sperm donor receptionist (yes, you read that right). They had great chemistry and sweet moments that had me rooting for them."

Book Review: A Tale of Hazing and Hacking at MIT

The Tech, Karleigh Moore, 4.8.16

"The artwork is consistently pleasing throughout the novel, and does a great job at bringing many unbelievable events to life. In this way, the novel is certainly a compelling read, filled with jokes that will please anyone with nerdier sensibilities and stories that are sure to inspire young readers to apply to the Institute."


Battle of the Geeks

The Post-Standard, Casey Rose Frank, 4.8.16

"Based on real-life events from Altes' campus experience, including the well-known hacker culture prevalent at MIT, and the volatile nature of many fraternities, this graphic novel sets out to entertain while also showing what the modern nerd is really like."


Geeks & Greeks - A Graphic Novel, Darcy Boynton, 3.22.16

"A remarkably entertaining story with incredible illustrations... it's fantastic!"



Graphic Novel: Geeks & Greeks, 5.21.15

"This story – inspired by actual events – shows what sort of mayhem can ensue when a group of super geniuses live together and personalities clash."


How Stunt Work on Die Hard Led to a Graphic Novel About MIT Hacks

Slice of MIT blog, Jill Hecht Maxwell, 5.8.15

"The story embodies everything I love about nerds – their brilliance, creativity, irreverence, and endearing quirkiness."


Graphic Novels, Brigid Alverson, 4.22.15

"MIT alum Steve Altes, who was literally a rocket scientist (well, an aerospace engineer) and then a stunt actor and humor writer, is working on a graphic novel inspired by MIT’s legendary pranks."


Humor Writer to Publish Graphic Novel on Hacks

Technology, Jill Hecht Maxwell, 4.21.15

"I hope Geeks & Greeks gets people excited about engineering and especially MIT. If you’re a bright high school student and want to be where the most creative and dynamic people are, you’re going to want to go to MIT."


Friendly Neighborhood Comics Celebrates 6 Years in Business

Bellingham Bulletin, Steven Chisholm, 1.30.15

"When you’re a comic book artist, you can do a multi-million dollar movie for the cost of a pencil and a piece of paper and nobody can tell you it’s wrong."



Interview with Steve Altes, writer of Geeks & Greeks

Geekly Podcast, Mel Elliot, 6.1.14

"If you love comics or love stories with a geeky flair, check out Steve and Andy's graphic novel. I think it's very original and very different."


How Do I Love Geeks? Let Me Enumerate the Ways., 5.29.14

"MIT attracts a lot of eccentric, talented, and very non-conformist people – people that fall on the pointy end of the bell-shaped curve. As a result, strange things happen there all the time."

Famous MIT Pranks Retold in Illustrated Format

PR Log, 5.16.14

"I love the notion of cutting out the agents and gatekeepers and engaging directly with our audience."

This Week In Crowdfunding, Carl Jansson, 5.8.14

"While the book is about pranks, that’s not all it is. It is a love story, a history lesson, and a study into the culture of MIT fraternity life. It is well written by MIT alum Steve Altes and has fantastic art by Andy Fish."

You Can Help Turn MIT's History of Hacks Into a Graphic Novel, Lauren Landry, 5.5.14

"Writer Steve Altes knows MIT. Not only does he hold three degrees from the Institute, he has fallen victim to the students' renowned pranks himself."

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